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 CDindsutry-Export E-Commerce Platform for Service-Oriented Intelligent Manufacture //谷歌统计
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 CDIndustry is an Equipment B2B International Trading E-commerce Platform. It serves equipment purchase from China, and furthermore provides professional services (survey and draw, research and design, after-sale service, energy-saving reform and so on) and general services (logistics, packaging, finance, cloud data and so on).




 Quality Assurance

  CDindustry starts with integrating excellent vendors via confirming them with mature product quality control ability,and rejects inferior products.


 After-Sales Service

  No Worries at All.Free after-sales service within half a year,low price for after-sales service over six months.

  Buyers can buy any high quality products they want with lower price .Compared with not only Europe and American ,but also domestic products.


 Purchasing more easily and efficiently

  Buyers can find products efficiently via searching engine and products category.the Online Customer Service and Inquiry Bar assist buyers to deal with all questions.


 Value added service

  Energy saving reformation and some other technical services.


 High Recognition around the Globe

  Products own international certificates.CD industry co-operated with some renowned Chinese companies to exploit international markets. Some vendors of the platform have already established cooperation with valued clients, such as AISIN SEIKI,CEMF,MINGHAN,CAFF,QJGT,HENANMINE,CECM,LYC,CJB.


  CD Industry is looking forward to serving you. Through this platform, your purchase costs will be reduced and purchase efficiency will be increased obviously.





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